34 years ago, Samuel Pieterse and Tokkie Malan, saw the opportunity to establish a fresh fruit service company in the South African fresh produce industry and since then has grown the company and the SAPEX brand.

Originally everything from apples, grapes, pears to potatoes was supplied to the local market.  After deregulation of the industry in 1997, SAPEX turned their focus to grape exports and since then has become a household name in the grape industry.

As we grew and established our markets, it allowed us to also focus on different offerings. As a result, we were also able to turn our expertise to the pomegranate industry and in 2011 become one of the first exporters of pomegranates.

Since our inception 34 years ago, we strive to supply the best quality fruits to our South African markets, from local producers and imported fresh fruit from various countries, like Egypt and Spain. Not only do we import and export loose table grapes, but we also specialise in value added products like 500g punnets, pouch bags and own brands.

Making fruit available to our clients throughout the year is a core function of SAPEX.

With our worldwide contacts and technical experience, we also supply grapes from the Northern Hemisphere to our Asian and European clients. This ensures good collaboration on a technical side and good relationships with our clients, ensuring the availability of quality fresh products, all year round.