Sapex Grapes


Sapex Pomegranate Symposium

Demands from an ever changing marketplace/consumer.
Prof David Hughes, United Kingdom.

World production. What does this mean for future prices and market demand? Oscar Salgado, San Lucar, Spain.

Price tendencies over the last three years. Where are we going? Niel Smith, Sapex.

Soil preparation for sustainable pomegranate production. Kobus Louw, Sapex

Irrigation – Water requirement and practical aspects of irrigation. C Malan, Netafim.

Fertilisation of pomegranates. Kobus Louw, Sapex.

New cultivars and breeding programs in the World. What is new on the block? Tinake de Klerk, Sapex

Farmers vs the “World”. Quantity vs Quality. Oscar Salgado, San Lucar Spain.

Trellising, pruning and the use of nets. Costs and benefits. Ziv Charrit, Netafim, Israel.

Pests & Diseases - life cycles, monitoring and control. Introduction by Jorrie Mulder. Panel discussion.

MRL’s – importance, registered chemicals, etc. Tinake de Klerk, Sapex.

The role Supermarkets play in the marketing of fruit and vegetables, with special reference to quality demands. David Hughes, United Kingdom.

Waxing of pomegranates. Costs and benefits. Marius Voigt, Fruit2U.

Colour specifications – what do we need for a sustainable market? Kobus Louw, Sapex.

Optimum transport temperatures. Oscar Salgado, San Lucar, Spain.

Value add – juicing, oil, anti-oxidants. Jorrie Mulder, Verso Agri.


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